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Parole Plans: Cheryl submits plans for individuals preparing to face the Parole Board. In NYS, inmates are not afforded counsel at Parole Board hearings. The plan covers all of the statutory mandated criteria the Parole Board reviews to determine if an inmate is eligible for discretionary release. Work on a parole plan should begin approximately 6 months prior to an inmate’s scheduled appearance. Plans are individually prepared.                     Parole Plan Intake Information

Parole Administrative Appeals:
When you receive a parole denial you must exhaust your administrative remedies by filing a parole appeal before proceeding to an Article 78.

Parole/Article 78s:
This is filed in a NYS Supreme Court to challenge a Parole Board determination.

Appellate Division Appeals:
Parole appeals only.

Parole Revocation Matters:
Cheryl handles all matters pertaining to parole after release.

Habeas Corpus Relating to Parole
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Memos Bottom v. NYS Board of Parole
2011 Memo: Changes to NYS Executive Law Edwards v. NYS Police
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